Distorted Angles: the reflections inside

Knowledge of Ajucar

The land is in a general state of turmoil, countries vying against each other for land and resources. Pais and Lekota are tenuously holding on to a truce with Yukanusia separating them. Tristai holds monopoly on almost all trade and own the Guard unit that patrols all of the trade routes. Lekota is home to modern dwarves and gnomes, a center for engineering and industry, probably the source of many explosions as well. Mount Kargath is called home to the original dwarf colony, a proud metal-smithing family. Elves and Fae are hidden in various forests across the lands, not much is seen or heard from them, though rumors of occasional travelers do surface. The Forest of Dreamers is often the point of an exotic tale of these creatures, and Yukanusia is the goal of many an adventurer for Fae gold. The Bercali Wall was raised in defense after a decimating meteor storm that brought strange creatures and a vile miasma with it, separating the Ashlands and the Cratered Land from the rest of the continent. Ranie is a self sustaining country that is home to many of the domestic Orc species now, and is cut off from the rest of the continent because of the Wall. It is slowly being overrun by the Ashlands. Svetlin is home to the wilder Orcs and Nomadic humans, scouring various oases across the sands. The only stationary settlement is the capital, in the southwest.

Magic and Nature are very much at odds with each other in this world. The only creatures to have access to the strengths of both are the dragons, now extinct. Only recently have humans begun harnessing magic for their own use, building towers in the core of magic heavy areas. The Channelers are in sole charge of regulating the control and use of magic in the land, and Masters of Divination, do so easily. There were four towers built. The first and most powerful tower was destroyed during the meteor storm and lies in ruins at the bottom of a crater. There is one held on an island in Tristai, one in Yukanusia, the new magic center for the continent, and one in Ranie.

The towers are foci of the wild magic of the world. Thanks to the Channelers, people across the continent receive the blessings of magic. This magic comes at a price however. Not naturally this concentrated in any place on the land, the magic tends to cause natural phenomenon around them. The tower on a Tristani island causes violent storms and a great maelstrom south of it. The Tower of Yukanusia is the most advanced of the towers, and paired with the Greater Seer Oracle, pulls away with occasional lightning storms. The Ranie tower however is not very controlled, and with it comes severe hurricanes in the monsoon seasons. No-one ever approaches the Cratered Lands, but reports from the Wall tell of terrifying storms, eternal tornadoes, and phantasms of unspeakable horror.

Tristaiis a temperate rainforest with a wet season in the summer and dry in the winter.

Lekota is a savannah characterized with temperate forests and a mountain range in the North. The mountains only see snow late in the winter. Summer has a dangerous fire season.

Yukanusia has a varied landscape from open grassland to desert scrubs as you move south.

Pais: Open grassland with a large temperate deciduous forest.

Crater landscape is obscured by an almost continuous storm with frequent tornadoes and magic discharges. The land is scared by six enormous craters.

The Ashlands are a swamp filled land seething with vile creatures. A nauseating miasma exudes from this land, growing outward with an almost sentient hunger.

Ranie is fertile delta region characterized by swampland and a close proximity to the Bercali Wall. Before the plague they had a bountiful trade system and grew many crops in its’ rich soil. Almost all of that was lost when the plague came over the lands, sucking life out of the ground itself. Little more can grow here but the hardiest bog trees and creatures with slow metabolisms, for meals may be days or even weeks from each other with the sparcity of life. The Wall itself, now cracked, has permeated the area with its essence and is slowly devouring the area, making it into another area like the Badlands. This results in a large frequency of mutated creatures, and planetouched find it easier here than anywhere else to enter the material realms.”
Svetlin is best decribed as death valley. Sparse scrubs holding to dry land.

Braqmal is the eastern area and a chaparral with great crop seasons. Mountain range in the southern border is rich in base metal ores.

Welcome to the party
The bard's epic tales

Due to the experiments and release of a creature from another plane, plague set across the continent of Meliar. Cities were wiped out, tribes died out, and the Gnomes allied with the Dwarves, sealing off their great caverns from the outside world. Wild magics returned to the world as the ever present Oracle went missing from his tower in Tristai, but whether he became an afflicted or simply left for a more secure area for a time is unknown to all but his four advisers.

Neglected crops withered and crumbled to dust, tainted creatures crept up from the sands of the deserts, and living plants roamed outside of the sentient Forest of Dreamers. Decades past the original onset of the plague, survivors band together to salvage what they can from fallen capitols, unguarded tombs, and merchant caravans. Tristai merchants formed a coalition and now control the goods transport within their Empiric Caravaneers. Most alarming though, is the fact that the Bercali Wall now stands unguarded as the insubstantial creatures phase through and corrupt the rest of the land, the creatures of Phantasm touching anything sane and driving it towards madness.

In a land where abominations are out to feed, plants can devour the abominations, and things that can barely be described without losing your mind exist to grow, it is your job to survive. Make connections, plunder hidden keeps, and rediscover lost technology. The land is vicious and out for blood to sustain the life that is held within. Do you have the will to keep moving?


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