Distorted Angles: the reflections inside

Welcome to the party

The bard's epic tales

Due to the experiments and release of a creature from another plane, plague set across the continent of Meliar. Cities were wiped out, tribes died out, and the Gnomes allied with the Dwarves, sealing off their great caverns from the outside world. Wild magics returned to the world as the ever present Oracle went missing from his tower in Tristai, but whether he became an afflicted or simply left for a more secure area for a time is unknown to all but his four advisers.

Neglected crops withered and crumbled to dust, tainted creatures crept up from the sands of the deserts, and living plants roamed outside of the sentient Forest of Dreamers. Decades past the original onset of the plague, survivors band together to salvage what they can from fallen capitols, unguarded tombs, and merchant caravans. Tristai merchants formed a coalition and now control the goods transport within their Empiric Caravaneers. Most alarming though, is the fact that the Bercali Wall now stands unguarded as the insubstantial creatures phase through and corrupt the rest of the land, the creatures of Phantasm touching anything sane and driving it towards madness.

In a land where abominations are out to feed, plants can devour the abominations, and things that can barely be described without losing your mind exist to grow, it is your job to survive. Make connections, plunder hidden keeps, and rediscover lost technology. The land is vicious and out for blood to sustain the life that is held within. Do you have the will to keep moving?



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